Why Touch+ Sportswear?

Starting off as a coaching academy working with grassroots sports, we quickly realised there was a demand for better quality kits, but for cheaper prices. You see, you can buy another quality brand shirt for £10. This then costs another £10 for sponsor logo, numbers and a badge. All vinyl pressed/stitched.

Parents know that after a few washes, the vinyl starts fading & peeling. After half a season, kits look old and dated.

This is where we come in. We have sourced the best production factories to bring you the highest quality kits, with a range of different materials. But more importantly, your sponsors, your badge, the numbers - are all printed into the actual material. You can't feel them. They don't fade. They look amazing, even after a full season.

Amazingly, we're able to bring this to you, your sporting teams at a price less than the £20! We know running a team is hard, income isn't great. This is the reason we have done this.

Touch+ was formed to help grassroots sports, with us, you can look and feel great for less.