Marco Sementa - 100th Charity Fundraising Game!

Marco Sementa - 100th Charity Fundraising Game!

Some of you may have heard of Marco Sementa. For those who haven't. He's a truly awesome guy. Marco has raised over £100,000 for charity, along with over £23,000 via charity football matches. 

Marco and Team Sementa have recently completed their 100th charity football match, raising even more money for Macmillian Cancer.

Touch+ Sports were more than happy to donate custom captain armbands for the match to help add a little extra special touch for the day.

Marco's 100th game consisted of 100 different players participating in over 5 hours of football! Marco played ALL 5 hours. We can only imagine the aches and pains that followed the days after. Heck, we're done after 20 minutes of 5 aside!

With family helping design the kits, friends baking a special Team Sementa cake, the day was a massive, massive success. If you want to help, get in touch, or support Marco on his fund raising journey, get in touch with him below.

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Marco Sementa 100th Charity Football Match

Marco Sementa custom captain armbands

3d mockup, personalised captain armband

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