Easy Fundraiser!

Easy Fundraiser!

We all know raising money for sports clubs is a never ending task. Insurance to pay, fees, league fees, first aid training, coaching courses, team kits, pitch fees.. the list goes on and on.

We've got an easy to use fund raising method that has a positive impact in several ways..

  • Own club merchandise.
  • Appear professional.
  • Great advert for your club.
  • Kids love being part of something they all share.
  • No sponsor forms, no organising.. simply send us your club badge and we'll do the rest.
  • Other clubs who use these key rings have sold out, twice. Make 100% profit. Buy for £1 - Sell for £2.
  • A fast, easy way to raise some extra funds for your club.

These are great for special events or tournaments too. Add your tournament date on, turn them into a little memory key ring. 


Check the memorising video below.

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